Payroll Services

Our goal is to help our Members operate at their best with modern solutions, which is why we’ve partnered with Paylocity, a leading software provider of HR and payroll solutions. With their all-in-one, intuitive platform, your organization can make strategic decisions, cultivate a modern workplace, and enhance employee engagement—all while making your life easier. Engage employees with secure, mobile, 24/7 access to payroll and HR information where and when they need it.


The all-in-one HR & payroll software platform
to help companies achieve their best.

Introducing the flexible, all-in-one solution tailored to help you tackle your unique HR and payroll challenges, whether you have a dozen employees in a corner shop or thousands in every corner of the country.

Our top-rated HRM software and payroll services will keep you connected to the latest compliance updates, trends, and best practices to do with HR and payroll.


What Paylocity Can Do for You

  • Automate the process of requesting a change of status, position, or compensation
  • Equip you with real time reports, analytics, and dashboards to help you monitor key metrics and identify trends
  • Offer expert consultants, technology, and compliance resources built to help you conquer today’s workplace challenges
  • Save time by minimizing employee data redundancy
  • Enable quick transfers for benefit files, 401(k) information, retirement plans, and much more automatically to your preferred vendor(s)
  • Provide employees with self-serve, on-demand access to their checks and other benefits information

Exclusive: Co-Op Members Get a 20% Discount!

For more information please contact Corina Roman
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