Chairman's Message

Dear Friend,

They say that “mighty oaks from little acorns grow,” and that’s exactly how it has been for Golden Oak Co-op Corporation since its founding in 1989.

My name is Tim Nord, and it is my pleasure and privilege to introduce myself as the Chairman/CEO of Golden Oak, an entity that for more than thirty years, has dedicated itself to helping the Green Industry grow and prosper by playing a substantial role in supporting and giving back to the industry and its members. Now officially known as the Green Industry Co-Op, Golden Oak continues to give back to the industry we love by encouraging you to become a Member of our ‘family’. In this way I know we will add immeasurable value to the growth of your business. How? You will benefit from invaluable online connections to industry peers PLUS you can save thousands of dollars annually for services you need and want - all for only $149!

After you read through this extensive list of invaluable services and resources and review the details we have included in this website, I feel sure you will find that the Green Industry Co-Op represents a world-class program of exceptional services that will help your company grow and prosper:

Insurance Services: As the endorsed insurance provider to the Co-Op, Landscape Contractors Insurance Services (LCIS) offers comprehensive insurance for every aspect of your business at competitive premium costs. Not only that, by purchasing your insurance through LCIS you will receive annual rebates and retirement equity too.

OSHA Compliance: The Co-Op ensures our Members meet Cal/OSHA and/or Federal OSHA requirements by conducting a general assessment of your workplace, safety program, and operations.

Safety Training: The services provided by GotSafety are a key part of the Green Industry Co-Op program, which gives you access to pre-negotiated partner discounts that will save you thousands.

Legal & HR Consultation: Through our national network of top-notch attorneys and consultants, you will always have free and unlimited expert business and legal advice regarding Labor Law, Business Law, Safety and Risk Management.

Equipment & Vehicle Financing: Since 2000, the Co-Op has made over $5 million in loans to finance new and used equipment. As a Member you can grow your business and save thousands of dollars in financing charges the corporate banks would charge in fees and other charges.

Rebates & Equity: Since inception, LCIS has paid over $43 million in rebates to its Members, and Golden Oak has distributed over $1,200,000 in equity payouts to our retired industry members. As a Co-Op Member and user of LCIS services, you can also benefit by receiving rebates and equity.

And as a Co-Op Member there are even more services you will be able to take advantage of, including a Free Employee Handbook Review, a Free Injury & Illness Prevention Plan Review, a Free Xmod Review & Cost Analysis Report, not to mention access to our Private Member Forum, where you will be able to dialog online with industry Peers supporting each other in the growth of their individual businesses.

I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to introduce you to the Co-Op and look forward to welcoming you as a new Member. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by emailing me at or call (800) 451-2834 and connect with a member of our Customer Service team.


Tim Nord
Chairman, President & CEO
Golden Oak Cooperative Corporation